Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Columbus Day

Every year for the last 4-6 years my mom, who has Columbus Day off, comes up to Salem and we go shopping. It is a kind of birthday present to me. There have been years we have had to take the kids, years where I called Ben and asked him to take the kids away from us after trying to shop with them, years with babysitters, etc. Yesterday I dropped the kids of at school and had a babysitter scheduled for the afternoon with Ethan. We went up to the outlet mall and shopped. Last year we had the BEST food at a little shop callled New York Burrito. So all year we have been waiting to go back. Finally after shopping a few hours we went to eat and found they had recently left! We were very sad. But we had a great day shopping. It is nice to spend time with just my mom, one-on-one. We talk and talk and when the day is over we look forward to next year.


VBC MOPS said...

HOw fun! I like your mom so much! (except for that one time she thought I was with a handicapped boy! :))

momaof4 said...

What a fun day for sure. You have such a sweet Mom. i am glad she can come spend the day with you!!!

KLB said...

My mom and I have been able to hang out more. I have really cherished those times.