Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crockpot contest

This is not one I am doing but a contest that a favorite blog of mine is doing. See the names of all the blogs I like on the right hand side? Well go to her site and you will see she has a contest today for a new crockpot. Now I did think about not telling you all so I had a better chance of winning but . . . I do love you all and think you should win too. Good Luck to all, but I so want that crockpot. :)

And if you do not win here is a great site to buy a new crockpot. They even have a $5.00 rebate going right now! I just bought a new one last week!


KLB said...

It was great seeing you last weekend! I love when we can tease eachother!

Love you!

VBC MOPS said...

Yay for Kim!!! I'm so excited for her! Please tell her my congratulations!

VBC MOPS said...

okay, I entered the contest! Thanks for telling us about it! Did you see how many enteries there were though? Over 3,000! Crazy! I guess there's always a chance!