Saturday, October 4, 2008


So today my old friend from college had a wedding shower! I am so happy to see her find a great man. So Ben drove me into Salem with the kids dropped me off and took the kids to the mall to shop for my birthday. :) For the last few days they have been thinking of things and then whispering quite loudly to daddy their ideas. I was not sure how they would be able to buy something today and then keep it a secret for another week. So after the shower they picked me up and we were on our way home and I said "you got a Orange Julius! No fair." And Ethan responds with, "but at leat you got candy for your birthday!" :) So no they could not make it a week. When we got home they showed me my present. :) Chocolate covered gummy bears. My favorite!

Ben had really wanted to get me a crock pot, mine broke two weeks ago, but I ordered one this week. So I just mentioned this morning not to buy one of those. He was not happy. He had thought he had finally thought of the great gift. O, well. I much rather get candy for my birthday!

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VBC MOPS said...

Who is getting married???
I always think of you when I see choclate covered gummy bears! For your present, Ben should send you up here to see me! Or maybe that would be my present! :)