Friday, October 31, 2008

My wish List--the KINDLE

My Wish List has only one thing on it right now. It is very expensive and will probably stay on it for a few more years. That is when I am hoping the price will go down. It is a KINDLE!! Oooohhh, just writing it down makes me drool. sells them for $359.00!! Oprah has a code out through November 1 for $50.00 off OPRAHWINFREY but that still doesn't get the price manageable for me ($309.00), even if it ships free. Well and that deal ends tomorrow. Maybe they will have a code out someday for $259.00! O, and you still have to pay to download books. But you do save trees and the downloaded book will be discounted a tad.

The kindle, allows you store up tp 200 books on it. You can read it anywhere, download a book you want from anywhere and have it in 2 minutes. If I am on a plane or on vacation the room this saves would be amazing. (I always go with at least 3 books) It lets you check the dictionary if you don't know a word when reading!, I could go on and on. I want this thing.

So do you guys have things on your "wish" list? What are they?

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VBC MOPS said...

That has been on my wish list for awhile now too! We have a friend that works for Amazon and we actually got to see it before it was released. It's very cool!