Saturday, November 1, 2008

Looking for Geo Trax

So I have spent some time online lately looking for used Geo Trax. My son loves trains. I know most boys are fascinated by them but Ethan LOVES trains. We bought him the Thomas Train take-a-long sets when he was 2. Those were great but he really likes the Geo Trax.
They have remote controlled trains and. . . well he just likes them better. I have looked on ebay and craigslist but I am finding they are overpriced! You can buy what they sell used for cheaper new!! Amazing.
I am looking because I have decided I will get rid of his Thomas Trains and get some Geo Trax. Even if he only gets 2 more years out of them it will be worth it to see his face Christmas morning.
I decided to blog about this because YOU may know someone who is wanting to get rid of some. Maybe your friends boys are out growing them. Maybe you saw some cheap somewhere. Maybe you can post on your blogs that you are looking for used cheap Geo Trax, Just kidding on the blogging. But I would love to buy them, at a good price of course! I am not above giving my children used toys as presents! Ethan is going to love whatever he gets.

I am also going to try my hand at the craiglist thing. I am going to post Ethans Thomas stuff and see if it works! I also am going to list a stationary bike. I love my gym membership so the bike can go now!

So wish me luck on my 2 endeavors, finding some Geo Trax and selling my Thomas Trains!

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