Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stranger in my garage

If you read my Geo Trax post a few posts back you would know that I was going to list a few things on craigslist. Well last night I posted one item, a recumbant bike. I already have someone interested. He will be coming by some time today. I am so hoping to sell that thing. It was great and we have used it off and on for a few years but I like my gym much better. The money we get will go to a Christmas present. Probably new Geo Trax for Ethan. :)

Anyway he is supposed to be here at 3 today. If I do not post back letting you know how the sale went please come by to make sure I am still breathing! I am a little nervous about having a stranger to my house, even if it is just the garage. In the future, I think for smaller items I post on craiglist I will ask to meet at McDonalds. That is very easy place to find in town.

UPDATE: Just so you are not worried about me. :) It is 3:30 and he just called to say he is running late. So in half an hour he should be here. The mans voice sounds a bit like Christian Slater. :)

UPDATE UPDATE Okay the man came, I am alive, my children are alive. AND he bought the thing. $70.00! WOOHOO. Now to see what other things I can list on craigslist!

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February Jill said...

Yay for you living through the experience!
Craigslist can be funny that way. I get a little nervous about people coming to my house and REALLY nervous about going somewhere to someone else's house. I usually only go if it's a woman or if I have someone with me. Who knows how many times my paranoia has saved us. Many, I like to think.