Monday, November 24, 2008


This summer our church did a service on the Childrens Church. I clearly remember them talking about how many weeknds you have left when they are 6, 9, 13, etc. That number got smaller and smaller and the time your have with your children dwindles. They were trying to impress on us to use our weekends wisely. This last weekend was one of the weekends I will remember.

Ethan had basketball Saturday so Ben took him to practice and I took Alicia on a date. I took her to a small bed and breakfast. They have a cute cafe there and we got yummy treats and hot chocolates. I am really trying to work on spending one-on-one time with her. It was really really nice. Then we came home and waited for the boys while watching a Christmas movie. About 10, Ben went to work and the kids went to take a nap. While they napped I got to spend about an hour with a really special friend. When Kim left I thought how nice it was to see her. It made my day.

Ben came home about 2:30 and we took the kids to see BOLT. This is a great movie. It even had Ben and Alicia crying at the end. I sat in that theater thinking what good day it was.

THEN on Sunday we drove south and saw my parents. My dad turns XX this week and I wanted to see him and give him his gift. Sadly the gift did not come in time, but we did get to take him out to lunch. The kids love going down to see my parents. It is so nice to see their faces when we tell them who they are going to see. They get so excited.

It was a really nice weekend. I thank the Lord for the days I have with my family. He has blessed me with a family who it is easy to love.


momaof4 said...

I think our weekends turned out perfect?!!

February Jill said...

What a good reminder!

P.S. You should give us a call if you have a little extra time whenever you're down here.

The Theisen Twosome said...

I really enjoyed talking with you too. I miss the talks that we have and wish that they happened more often.