Monday, November 17, 2008

My son, the basketball player

So Saturday ended up being so much fun. I was not sure how you have Pre K-Kindergarten play basketball but was excited to find out. We got there and Ethan was the first player there on his team. So his jersey is #1! There were four teams there and so we waited for all the kids to come in. Then they started to practice with the kids. This is comical. You have 4-6 year olds playing together. Believe me the height thing is an advantage to the 6 year olds, and Ethan is a young 4 years. Ethan will probably not make one basket this year. BUT he has some very accomplished teammates that may pull them through their short season. Anyway, they practiced for half an hour and then played a game against one of the other four teams. It was so FUN! They give kids arm bands in 5 colors so they know who they are guarding. Ethan was a bit distracted by this. He kept wanting to to tell the kids that "matched" that they were supposed to be together. So in the video that is what Ethan is doing. Also, the kids forget to dribble so they run with the ball. This one video I have is funny because at the end that is what happened.
Ethan may not be a very gifted player this year but he is having so much fun. He was so excited and tried his best, never getting discouraged. It will be nice for him to have this start. I know as he does this every year he will just get better and better. I only hope he keeps the same attitude he had this year, carefree and excited!


February Jill said...

I love how his uniforms fits! What a little stud jock already!

So fun.

momaof4 said...

We are doing UPWORDS for the boys this year at the First B downtown.
We will see how it goes. We did try outs and well, lets just say they need some practice, but it is their first year!!!