Thursday, November 6, 2008

So this blogging every day thing is weird. There are reasons I can go without weeks without writing a single word. One reason is my life isn't all that exciting, in fact MUNDANE. Like today I have been listing some things on craigslist, cutting out paper dolls and clothes for Alicia, doing laundry, etc. (The kids don't have school today or tomorrow, Parent/teacher meetings and grades) I also have been checking for Geo Trax on craigslist. See I have posted the hunting for GEO TRAX in like 3-4 posts but that is why I don't always post. It would be reruns. So today I found a great set at a great price but it is in the Vancouver area! Seriously. When it says Portland I guess I hope Tigard. haha.

Next I am off to put clean sheets on beds and clean MY room. Fun huh?


Mrs. Brown said...

I hear ya. But thats a mom. I work, come home play a bit with Abby, cook dinner, clean up, play more with Abby, bath time, play more, put Abby to bed, clean up, do school work.....go to bed! Its the same thing every day and I am soooo tired!

VBC MOPS said...

I like to hear your everyday stuff though because I miss you! It helps me feel like I'm with you!

February Jill said...

Isn't that the way real life is? This 30 day thing gets us all more in touch with the blogger who is putting out the effort and it's nice to know you can count on something always being there!