Saturday, November 22, 2008

I like to start packing for trips in advance, far in advance. It helps when I think of something to be able to throw it in the bag. Last trip to WDW we used Martha and Gordons bags, as well as the ones we own, but they are going with us this time. So I thought maybe I would buy a good set of luggage. Now I think I may look at borrowing. I just can't get myself to spend the money at Christmas time. I want to try and fit as much stuff as I can into our carryons as now they charge you for checked luggage. Anyway I am in the market for borrowing a really good carryon or a nice size bag for checking, so we can fit as much as we can. So if you have a bag we can borrow, hey let me know.

And as you may have noticed I did not blog yesterday! I totally forgot until this morning! O, well. Now I can just blog when I feel like it. Phew!

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Duo Na said...

You can borrow ours. I have that big green one that I took to China and a couple that could be used as carry-on. Love you!