Sunday, November 30, 2008

So this weekend I got out my Christmas boxes. Well, I stood at the bottom of the ladder while Ben pulled them down from the attic in the garage. Ben was gone last night, out with the boys, so I started to go through them. I love going through the boxes and remembering how I got each and every object. One of my favorites is one Alicia made two years ago. It is a wall hanging with her small little hands making a wreath, and I believe it will be my favorite Christmas decoration for years to come. I also pulled out Christmas books, CDs, old cards and letters. I found pretty tissue paper and bags I had forgotten I bought the day after Christmas last year. I also have many many Christmas tins I have bought planning on making cookies and treats to give to friends and family. I have added to this pile of tins over the years and not been too good at actually using them. THIS year I plan on actually getting rid of these tins. I do not want to store them away for another year.

On to another subject
Tomorrow night I am making a Thanksgiving dinner! I like having left overs. When the holiday is not at your house there are NO left overs. SO I decided today to redo the dinner so I can actually eat more turkey and potatoes with gravy. My family is actually looking forward to it as much as I am! Plus there is no pressure of having the perfect turkey. It is just the four of us. No one to impress.

Our countdown chain for our WDW trip is getting shorter and shorter. :) getting excited now!

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momaof4 said...

We did the same thing! I tried a brine and made some herb butter, SO good!! Moist and just a hit of flavor but not overwhelming. Heres to turkey sandwiches for the next 2 weeks ;)

Though I caught up on my girl shows while the boys played. i do love going through the boxes. My goal is to use all those tins and bags, and to pack it all back up ORGANIZED!!!