Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Post about Ethan

I have been going through my pictures and came across some pictures that are special to me.

This is on the first day of school EVER, Ethan's first day of preschool. I love the look of the new crayons and pencil!

This next picture is of Ethan at his favorite part of the Great Wolf Lodge swim park. He spent LOTS of time sitting on those squirters.

Ethan loves his blocks. The first week of school he showed me he could make an "i" with his blocks. So cute.

I have loved having him in school for a few hours every single day! But I also love the time I get with him before Alicia comes home. He is very special and says things that are beyond precious. He is a good little boy!


February Jill said...

Aren't little boys fun? I love the idea that they'll grow up and be grown up men someday and we can help shape them to be GOOD men, something the world needs more of.


momaof4 said...

I love Jills comment. So striving to make them like there Daddy! They will make any women happy that way!!!