Sunday, October 19, 2008

I love weekends

I love weekends when Ben is home and we get to do things as a family. More time together, more fun! I cleaned my house Thursday and Friday decorating with my fall decorations. It was great getting my house clean for Friday night small group as we were going to have friends over Saturday monrning. So Saturday we got up and my kids were so excited that the Dempsters were coming over. They have two kids the same ages as our kids so they can each have fun. We had lunch and some leftover dessert from our small group. Then we all took naps! Well the kids and I did. I don't get those very often so it was a great treat. Then I got up and started to get all dolled up for Ben's work party that evening. We went to Caruso's in Keizer. It is a very nice Italian restaurant. I haven't been to a place with their kind of ambiance in a long time so it was a great evening. Ben works with really great people so it was a fun evening. Even better that I can get dinner and dessert and not have to pay for it! Today we went to church and now we are waiting for our schools family fun night at the pool. This is a very important event to my kids. It is a great time for our schools families to get together and fellowship. With the school going through some MAJOR changes this year it is important that we are involved and support the school. The sad thing is that we may not make it to another event that was going on tonight. Some friends from Idaho are in Salem and we were supposed to go over and see them with our other firends! I am really bummed about that but I will get to see them in January.

Next weekend we are suprising our kids with a special weekend. But you will all have to check back to see what we are doing with them. We just plan on getting up Saturday and telling the kids we are going on a drive to look at fall leaves. Should be a great surprise.

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momaof4 said...

We missed you!! LOTS of laughs and lot of KIDS!
Hope to see you soon.