Friday, May 29, 2009

the countdown has started

My kids have 8 more days of school.

I am actually looking forward to it. Not getting up early to get us ready for the day. No getting them to bed at a good hour so they can be ready for school in the morning. I won't have to make sure their uniforms are cleaned and ready every evening. I won't have to go read with kids at school, I have really enjoyed it though, or drive to the school three times a day to drop off and pick up at two different times.

I am looking forward to some summer fun.

But I do know in the back in my mind that summer really just means more work for me. I know they will be fighting their first minute of summer vacation. And the "bored" word will come out the first full week with no school. I am not that naive. So I have planned things to help me with this. I am a planner!

I have each week set up for my summer school. I have supplies bought for projects and books bought or checked out to go along with the lessons. Wall maps are bought and ready to be hung. I am READY!

This last week I have been starting to think about what kind of foods I need to have at home too, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, easy stuff.

So what are you guys doing to prepare yourself for summer!? That goes for all of you with kids and those of you blessed to get rid of your school kids. :)


momaof4 said...


I have 3 of mine home for the summer, and Noah will be home Friday....

My Mom bought the boys Concotion something..Science with a Christian spin. I think I will dig it out and see what we need to do for some of the stuff.

I also have a reading program that helps teach your kids to read. They all know, but I thought I would help the twins go through it to keep it fresh and keep them ahead for the summer, so they are ready for 1st grade.

I think I will just keep up on what they have been learning over the school year, so it stay's fresh and they don't forget. But I also know we are goign to be we will see!!!!

Please share your ideas - school, and when we need to go berrie picking and all that, so I don't miss any of it this summer :)

KLB said...

WOW! you are ready! I am going to work on the binky thing. I am hoping to get her to use it just at night. After we got rid of the bottle she has relied on the binky. So we'll see. I am also hoping to look into swimming lessons, and activities at the library.