Friday, May 8, 2009

new summer ideas

So our family usually gets an Oregon Zoo membership and last year we bought an OMSI one as well. They were great because I also used reciprocal zoos and science centers and we went often enough to get our moneys worth PLUS. This year we may not get either membership and try some new things.
So my questions or questions are
1. Have any of you ever gone to the Oaks Park in Portland?
2. Any other great ideas for something/some place new? (not Enchanted Forest either)

I think the sunny weather today has me dreaming of fun summer days with my kids!


The Theisen Twosome said...

I have heard that the Portland Children's Museum is really good. I am trying to think of some more place. I will pick thinking and get back to you. :)

momaof4 said...

PCM is good, but spendy.

I know this is probebly to old for your kids, but I heard that there is a park in the Portland area that has statues of Ramona, and those characters.....totally blanking right now.

-What about the Mill muesum by Willamete U.?
-the trolley in Lake O, that goes along the river to the Old Speg. resturant.
-there is a walk you can do on the waterfront that has you take all the forms of transpertation, bus, trolley, gondolla thing....
-the rest stop along I-5 South, south of wilsonville, has every state tree planted there, you can walk through them.

I will keep thinking!!!