Saturday, May 2, 2009

the word "storm" seems too tame

This morning we went "somewhere" but I am leaving that for a post after I upload my pictures. I will say there will be cute pictures of my son soon to come. After this special event, wink wink, we went up to IKEA. Ben had never been and I had never been to the one in Oregon so he had the idea to just up and go. We bought a few small things for Alicia's bedroom when we paint it this summer. On the way home we got trapped on I-5 in a terrible monsoon. :) Seriously Ben and I have never been in any rains/hail storm like that. Cars were pulling off, stopping on the interstate. It was crazy. I was scared. I was praying. Ben was perfectly fine. :) We even saw some lightening! Talk about a crazy day! Then all of a sudden, well lets just say awhile of off-and-on storming, the clouds parted and it was sunny but INCREDIBLY and I mean VERY VERY windy.
Lets just say I was THANKFUL I was not driving today. I heard later that a tree fell in the storm and killed someone. That is so heartbreaking.

Hopefully tomorrow I will find my camera and get the pictures off. I think the camera is in my car, at least I hope it is, as I have not seen it inside yet.

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KLB said...

I heard about how people were pulling off the road. It was crazy weather yesterday. Just another adventurous Oregon day!

I have tried to get coupons off of that site, but it will not let me print them. I tired downloading the special coupon printer thing, but it still did not work.