Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Day of the Year

Yesterday we went to play in the snow! We were unsure what we would find as the weather called for rain but we thought we would give it a try. It rained nearly all the way up to Hoodoo but once we got there the rain turned to snow, well, mostly snow. So we played a bit and then headed into Sisters for some food. When we got to Sisters we called some friends who just had a house built in town. We wanted to drive by and check it out. They were actually there and we went and spent about an hour in their new vacation home. They were very gracious and fed us lunch and let my daughter do some crafts. I found a new toy I would love to get Alicia for her birthday. They said you can find it at Michael's and it is called American Girl Paper Posies. (I am writing the name down so I can remember it later!) Such fun. If only Michael's was closer! We then got ourselves some icecream in town and headed home. It was a fun outing. When home we got home we turned on the DVR for the Rose Bowl. How disappointing that game was. We finished the night off by watching Episode VI of Star Wars.

It was a nice way to start our year off. A day spent with family and friends.

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