Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Starting out gluten free

When I started to cut gluten out of my diet I found adjusting dinner recipes fairly easy. It was the snacking that got me. REALLY got me. So here are some snack foods that are gluten free. I am a chocolate fan but I am finding my taste buds are changing. I now eat a lot more chips. I buy BBQ kettle chips. They are gluten free. Yummy. I also have started eating yogurt, yoplait is the only brand I can stand and they are gluten free, most flavors anyway. Don't think that every yogurt brand is gluten free. You will have to check the back of every thing you buy from now on.

I love freshly baked cookies but I have found that "Pamela's" makes some very tasty cookies. I have had some other brands but they all leave a bad taste in my mouth. Pamela's also makes some good baking mixes. And I am lucky because my local Roth's carries their line.

I love pasta. I could live on pasta. So I was devastated when I thought I would never have pasta again. But I found a brand that I think tastes darn close to wheat pasta. It is Tinkyada. They make every kind of pasta imaginable including Lasagna noodles. THANK YOU LORD. My family has barely noticed a change and sometimes I still cook their wheat pasta and I boil mine up, for the pocketbook.

Now here is something I didn't know when I started. Oats can be gluten free or they can contain gluten! It has to do with where they are grown and where they are processed. So to get away from this I but ONLY Bobs Red Mill's gluten free oats. I use oats in cookies, meatloaf, etc. I have to get this at a Whole Foods store but the trip is worth it.

So this is probably boring most of you so I will end by saying that it is trial and error. I have tried some things that are terrible and found some things I would still eat if I could eat gluten. I have a long way to go as I have only been using other peoples already mixed flours. My next challenge is to start using flours (rice, tapioca, corn, quinoa, etc.) on my own. I want to try make cinnamon rolls. Good cinnamon rolls. Like Karen's :)


momaof4 said...

You can do it!!! Hey, I can't see the type on your blog unless I highlite it....doyou think your color is off? Or maybe it's not loading right for me??

Glory Laine said...

Great information!!!!! Thank you so much. I love that you have tried different brands and you are telling me your favorite. I've already eaten some cardboard like stuff and it was expensive too. So I love that now I have some go-to brands.