Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring for a day

Yesterday was a beautiful day! Not a day you expect in the dead of winter. I had nothing planned with my kids so when Alicia asked to go the park I thought, "why not!" I then found out that our small town library was giving away a free book to every child! So we headed to the library where the kids each chose a free book. Thank you, Martin Luther King. Then we walked to the park and the kids played for a bit and watched the ducks play in the creek nearby. We did not wear coats. We never grew cold! It felt like spring.

I remind myself that it always does this to me. Sometime in winter it will feel like spring, getting my hopes up and then more winter comes. Lots and lots of winter. Which means lots and lots of rain where I live. Did I say "lots and lots" of rain? I meant to say lots and lots and lots of rain.

But yesterday we got out of the house and we were reminded of what a park looks like. We probably won't see it again until May, but it was nice while it lasted.

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