Monday, February 22, 2010


I am in planning mode. I am planning a 2 week Yellowstone/Mt Rushmore trip and I am planning summer school for July and August. I love planning. I love researching online and finding really cool ideas to do with the kids or places we need to visit. I am also excited to show my hubby wrong!

Last summer I only completed about 1 month of summer school before I stopped. I did not have lesson plans done for the next month and did not have clear goals for each day and therefor I became lazy. So I am way ahead of where I was last year. I have about 6 weeks planned with things to do and learn every day. Ben doesn't believe I will follow through the whole summer. So I am determined. It is so fun to find crafts to go with what I want to teach. To find books that the kids will love and go well with my "curriculum." To find great websites to help me.

I have used some neat sites online that have helped me with lodging desicions. I love finding the best priced lodging for our family. Weighing the price against amenities offered. I am blessed that Ben is able to take off for 2 weeks, it will eat all of 2010 time off, but I wish I could have 3 weeks. There is so much to see. God has made some beautiful places and it is hard to decide which things we get to see and what has to be marked off the list. But so far we have planned to go through caves, try our hands at gold mining, dig up dinosaur bones, swim in hot mineral baths, see geysers, visit ghost towns, eat buffalo, spend time with family, go hiking, and the list goes on.

In 4 months I will get to see the fruit of my hard work. Until then I get to enjoy the planning and continue to find amazing sites on the wide world web.


Glory Laine said...

I wish I was more like you. (smile)

Smiles said...

I'd love to see your plans... we want to do a road trip either this summer or next (probably next)... and I'm a terrible planner!