Saturday, February 13, 2010

The last week

I love the Olympics. LOVE THEM. I love the stories behind every athlete. I love watching their bodies do Amazing things. I love that every nation is so proud of their own country. It is so moving. I don't think I am going to get much sleep for the next 2 weeks.

I wasn't sure about posting any of the below because it isn't my story but it has really hit me and I know some of you have noticed.
So life has been upset this last week. My mother-in-law had stroke like symptoms starting Sunday night. Ben and all her other children went to the Stayton ER and were there until late. She went home and then was back at the Salem ER on Monday. They did not find anything and so she has been home all week having these symptoms off and on without any known reason. Next week she may have an appointment and then she sees another doctor in MARCH! They couldn't get her in until then! It has really scared me. She is amazingly calm and steady though. Some of you may not know that she had brain cancer 15 years ago. She was given months and has lived 15 years more because God healed her. Of course, when we first heard it was stroke like symptoms, we all thought it must be cancer. Her MRI's and CT's have come back clean. So that is great news. We would love your prayers as we all travel through this.

In the midst of this I have been back on gluten. It seems so small in the light of my Mother-in-laws story to be sharing this but I figured ya'll would want to know. After reading a post by a former college classmate I decided I needed to step up and actually be tested for Celiac. I know I can't eat gluten, there is no doubt about that, but I have never been tested. So I went back on gluten and called my doctor. They ran the test Thursday and I hope to have tests back next week. The bummer thing is that I had only been on about a week and a half and technically they like 6 weeks. So if they don't come back positive for Celiac Disease I will do the test again in 4 weeks. I just want to get off the gluten as soon as possible. I feel so crappy. I cannot believe I used to live like this. What was I thinking? That was not normal. I have been trying to eat foods I missed through the last 8 months but I find that I almost dread eating them! This may be a good thing for me when I go back on a gluten-free diet. Hopefully I can remember that they were not as good as I remembered and that they made me feel emotionally and physically gross.

So this week try to give your family hugs, remember that life is uncertain and we need those we love to feel loved. And watch you some Olympics, it does a heart good.


Glory Laine said...

Dee, it's amazing how we take our health for granted. Our families and our own. My prayer for your family is that they get a correct diagnosis for each of you. After you know you can deal . . .

Love ya, keep your chin up.

momaof4 said...

WOW! Do you really think you might have it? Want me to make you some cinnamon rolls :) Sooo, can we eat anyplace on the 6th? Look at me, so selfish. I do hate that you feel so gross. And I do hope it's not super serious. BUT, I am so proud of you for taking the steps you need to, and finding out what is going on with your body. I love ya, beyond. And I am praying Martha gets some answers and soon!!!