Sunday, February 14, 2010

check this out

I found this incredible skirt on this amazing site today:

This skirt is adorable. I want to, almost, learn to sew so I can make this for Alicia. She would love this skirt. Hint, Hint. Mom, Martha, Danette? Anyone?

She would like brown/pink OR red/black OR blues OR the same colors as above. I would even buy the pattern and the material


momaof4 said...

Love this sight!!! If you buy it I would try making it :) Now that I have to try her dress shirt dress, see if I can make one for nae!! SO CUTE.

Ryan said...

This is adorable!!! My girls need one too!

lizzabug said...

I've wanted to make this too but Elizabeth told me she's "just not that into ruffles".... what?

Danette said...

hahahahah you must be joking i wish i really dont sew i just fake it a little.