Monday, November 22, 2010

Acapulco, Mexico

The kids' school is selling raffle tickets again this year with winner being chosen at the auction in March. This year instead of 500 tickets they are only selling 300 and the winner will find themselves on their way to Mexico! With only 300 tickets being sold your chances of winning are really good, tickets are $20.00 each.

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a real chance at winning a Mexican vacation you can check out the resort here and then give me (or Alicia and Ethan) a call or email. The place looks amazing!

Winner will enjoy 7 nights in Acapulco and $1000 cash will also be awarded.

I think these would make great Christmas gifts or a great find in someones stocking!

P.S. We have a brochure about the resort you can add to the ticket to make the present better to look at. :)

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