Sunday, November 7, 2010

for love of my sister

Occasionally I am creative. But not very often. I mean if you need someone to come do some graffiti on your school or church I may be able to do that. This is not true of my mom and sister though. They are artists. Not sure why I missed out on this gene and instead got the kidney stone gene but that is another story. Anyway, my sister just opened up a store at etsy. She has just a couple items out right now but I want you to go check her out, bookmark her, send her link to everyone you love, Oh and buy from her. :) Think stocking stuffers.

Want to know what this? Go check it out.
godizlife's store


God Made Playdough said...

Cute stuff! Those hats are adorable! Ryan has banned me from buying any more Christmas presents for the moment, but I will check her shop agian in the near future! :) Good job Danette!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy! Those hats are super cute!