Thursday, November 4, 2010

elbow grease

Our dishwasher is broken. A few days ago I heard sounds so I opened it up and there was a fire. I quickly closed the door and steam came out of every crack. I tried to turn it off but that wasn't working. Every time we opened the door the water would whip around the room. It would have been quite humorous if it wasn't very annoying. Ben was able to have the circuit turned off and then shut it off. It smelled so bad and even now terrible burnt smells can be found wafting through the kitchen. I don't want to buy a new one because they are so expensive, so until I find a great sale we will be hand washing. Do you guys know if there is a time of year when appliances are a good price? Until then my kids might be learning what it was like for most of us as children to wash dishes after dinner every night.

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Anonymous said...

Danny said he would love to help install the new dishwasher when you get one. Get better soon Dee. love you, Rachel