Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redwood/Coast vacation

DAY 1 So Thursday we took the kids to our church for day camp. (Day camp runs 4 Thursdays for the kids too young to go to normal camps. It is great!) Ben and I came back home and packed up and then went and picked our children up. We hit the road about 11:30 and drove down to Eugene to meet my mom, Nana, for lunch. The kids were as excited about this as the rest of the trip. After a nice lunch we headed for HWY 101! We drove to our first hotel in Reedsport checked in and then headed to the beach. We found THE BEST shell collecting beach. The sand looked like shells. It was incredible. I have never seen anything like this on the Pacific Beach. The sad thing was my cameras battery was packed away in the van and I did not get any pictures. But it was a great beach. We then headed back for some dinner and some hotel pool swimming.

DAY 2 The next morning found Alicia and I very tired as we slept VERY little that night. I was afraid that was a sign of things to come but we did sleep well every other night. We headed down 101 to Eureka. We stopped off a few times at various beaches. It is amazing how each beach can be so different. They will all have something a bit different then the last. More shells, no shells, more rocks, great tidepools, secluded, etc. It was a nice nice day!

After the beach trips we stopped off in Crescent City at a Marine World. The price was HIGH for the normal fish tanks and marine tanks but we did get to pet a shark! And the kids really enjoyed the sea lion and seal show at the end.

And then a shark ate us!

Finally we got down near the Redwoods! We stopped in at the Trees of Mystery and talked with Paul Bunyon and got icecream. Alicia was a bit frightened of Paul and hid behind her brother. The guy talking inside was really good with kids. We FINALLY made it to Eureka and checked into the hotel that would be base for 2 nights. This hotel provided breakfast and light dinners. So we just ate the taco dinner they had there when we checked in and swam in the pool before bed.

Well, I will post more later. This is a long post already! So Day 3-6 to come.

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momaof4 said...

Lots of fun! I love the day by day play out, and how you tell us about your food :) tee, hee.

Got to get these kids into bed as they go camping with the grandparents tomorrow!!! YEAH! :0