Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

I found this great site from my friends Karen's blog. One thing that sets her apart is that for EVERY step in the recipe she takes a picture! So you can see what it looks like at every stage. I love pictures. And her food looks so gooood. I have been eyeing some recipes and finally made the Cinnamon Rolls yesterday. I would love to say they turned out wonderful but . . . the truth is . . . I haven't tried them yet! (Bet you thought I was going to say they turned out awful! hehe) I have put them in the fridge to pull out tomorrow morning and bake for a 4th of July breakfast! It was supposed to make 7 tins but I only got six. Two are in the fridge and 4 are in the freezer. I am going to take one of the two over to Alicia's last years kindergarten teacher as she dropped by yesterday when I was making them.

This site has a lasagna recipe I am just dying to make.

I hope you guys all find a new recipe that becomes a family favorite


momaof4 said...

I think you got the right cream for the coffee too :)

Love her site. I love reading her blog too, she makes me laugh. C`an't wait to hear how the rolls turn out!

Amy said...

I did get your comment! Thank you! It has helped knowing that you are praying for me and loving me! I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you went through all of this! I didn't realize how painful it was! My email is I got an ultrasound picture today, so I can have something tangible. My D & C is scheduled for Tuesday at 4:00. I had forgotten that Danette had gone through that too.
Love you!!!!!!!

February Jill said...

I love pioneer woman stuff and have tried lots of her recipes. Shane didn't like the icing for the cinnamon rolls though since they have coffee in them but I loved it! He also didn't like her risotto recipe fyi. I am dying to try her lasagna too!