Monday, February 16, 2009

"It only seems fair that if we have to have global warning we should get to be warm!"

I found this letter on a blog on Seattle Moms. I know I am not near Seattle, not even the same state BUT I occasion there as they did a contest there once so I go back every once in awhile.

Anyway, this post is what I have been thinking lately. Especially as I was frozen today at the park with the kids!

Dear President Obama,

I noticed that you’ve allocated several hundred million dollars in the economy stimulus package for researching global warming.

I also couldn’t help but notice that there’s a whole lot of snow and cold and ICE this year. Like even more than last year or the year before that or the previous FOURTY OR SIXTY or maybe even A HUNDRED years.

I’m not a fancy expert or anything, but it’s looking to me like
Global warming = more snow days than you can shake a stick at.

Maybe the scientists could look into that.

It only seems fair that if we have to have global warming, we should get to be WARM.

Sincerely, with much love and adoration (but only the professional kind)



KLB said...

Very cute!! I can't wait until spring and summer!!

You amaze me that you can read a book a week! I am luck to get a couple chapters in.

God Made Playdough said...

I can't believe how good you're doing on your reading! You are an ispiration to me! I have 3 books that I'm halfway through on, I just need to pick one and finish it. I'm just not always as eager to read the non fiction. After I read the Secret Life of Bees I watched the movie. Did you see it? I was suprised at how close it was to the book. Usually movies don't really follow the books that closely. Ryan even liked it! :)