Saturday, February 21, 2009

I was tagged

I got a huge smile when I saw what my 7th folder was in My Pictures. Amy tagged me to pick my 7th folder and my 7th picture in that folder. When I saw which folder it was I thought, "serves her right for picking 'EVERYONE' to be tagged." It is the folder titled Alicia's Cast. I was hoping for a really really icky picture but I only have 7 pictures in this folder and it is this picture.

The sad thing is I am not as smug now because for some reason I cannot get these pictures to get bigger without getting blurrier. Now when I first put them on my computer 2 years ago they were fine so I am not sure what is up. But at least I know they are saved over at safe and ready if I need them again. (They are also on a CD as well.)

Anyway this is the picture of Alicia getting her cast removed after she broke her arm jumping of a bunk bed.

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