Friday, February 27, 2009

money saving hint for the day

I am all about saving money online. I have lots of little things I do and this one I need to share with you. It helps me save money and all for my love of reading. I used to do It was like an online library. I never had to leave my house for a book. But the cost was high considering how long it took to ship to Oregon. So I canned that club and looked for something better for me.
That is when I found Swap Your Used Books - I love this place. You start by taking 10 paperbacks and listing them. Once they are listed you are given 1 credit. Credits are then used to "buy" any book in their collection. Every time someone orders your books you pay the cost to ship it to them by media mail. Once they receive the book you are given a credit. So I get a book for the cost of shipping, usually about $2.40. (I weigh my book on a scale we have and then just put on the right amount of stamps. Sometimes I go to the PO but I rather do everything from home.) LOVE THIS. Most popular books usually have a waiting list but I just put my name in the mix and wait them out. Some come up faster then others. Once I am done with a book I ordered I can decide to either keep the book for my own collection or repost it and hope someone else orders it so I can get a credit. Right now I have 5 credits and about 20 books posted. So I shouldn't run out for quite some time. I have also used this to get Alicia books for Christmas. I can mark that I am looking for books that look new and got some great books for her stocking.

I think you ALL should join. It is the cheapest way I have found so far to get books delivered to my house.

To help me get extra credits you can add wilson4 to the referral section.

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momaof4 said...

I'm going to do it. I love to buy books, but they are adding up!!

Now I just have to find 10 that I can part with....that's going to be hard!