Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strange Bubble

So Stayton is in some strange bubble. We are at a higher elevation then Salem but we seem to not get snow when Salem does. And what is depressing is that North Santiam District is on a 2 hour delay. Which means that all surrounding areas are probably pretty bad. Just not here. So I look out the window, with my fighting children behind me, at a normal Oregon day and wonder "WHY WHY WHY." :) Actually I was supposed to watch some kids today and also do some shuttling for another little preschooler and so I have been on the phone most of the morning trying to figure out what is happening to that. :) This was not a well advertised delay and teachers and parents alike are all scrambling.

I did not have to get my children ready for school and that is worth something!

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momaof4 said...

Oh bummer!! Well we still had school. It took my 45 minutes for a 15 minute drive! 2 hours late would have been nice. :)

Love ya