Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Saturdays of late

Alicia has been in basketball the last month or so. She practices on Wednesdays and has her games on Saturdays. She has had to miss some practices due to AWANA but she has gone to her games. Sadly her parents missed her first game as we were out of town, and then the next game I forgot my camera, and then I brought a camera with no batteries for the following game! BUT the last game I had a working camera and will now share with you my basketball star! When she first started the kids were all a little unsure of what to do. It is really amazing that each child on that team improves every week. I really get into the games and hope she sticks with basketball a few more years. At first she hated to go but now she likes it, though she WILL NOT admit that. She just does not like missing AWANA.

They stand in a line and are given wrist bands of different colors. They have to guard the person on the other team with the same wrist band color.

The girl guarding Alicia stuck to her like glue! Even when they weren't actually playing she would chase Alicia around. It was hilarious.

Alicia is getting passed the ball from the boy there. She was OPEN!! Thank goodness she did not have that other guard.

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momaof4 said...

Ditto over here!
Crazy Saturday's.
But so fun.

See you soon.