Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My latest book

I finally finished a book I have been reading for months. It was called, Things We Couldn't Say. I picked it up because one morning Ben's alarm was set on radio and Dr Dobson was speaking. He had a Holocaust survivor who was promoting her book. She was a Dutch that hid Dutch Jews during the Holocaust and she ended the interview with the last letter she received from her fiance during the war. It had me crying, so I ordered the book. I couldn't read it all in one sitting like I usually can. It was all to real and I could only cry for so long before needing to put it down so now, months later, I am finally done. Diet, the author, started the war believing she could be a pacifist, and struggling with what God would have her do. But by the end of the war she was heavily involved with hiding Jews and spying on others. Below is an entry from her diary.

"Again, a conversation with the doctor. We always come back to the same point: 'The church may not mix in politics, he says, And I tell him that when you are a Christian and profess that God is Almighty, there is no single area of life from which you can eliminate God.'" diary from Diet Eman

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