Tuesday, April 7, 2009

appreciating the small gifts

It is amazing to me how we can learn from people we have never met. I have followed Darian's battle with cancer through friends who go to church with him and his parents. They have kept me up to date as he found out he had cancer, had a leg removed, has signs of hope and then when cancer returned. This time the cancer is slowly taking his life. I am sure his parents do not feel it is slow enough. Their last update on Darian BROKE my heart. Darian's mom wrote this in her blog, "I know that the amount of times I am going to hear 'Mom,' and then some sort of a request is getting fewer and fewer-so I'm embracing each one of them." This was such a real reminder to me to be so happy when my kids ask for things, when they say mommy, and when they just need me to hug them. These moments are not guarranteed to us. They are all gifts from God. I need to slow down and appreciate each gift for what it is.


momaof4 said...

Serious. I think in some weird way it's a blessing to them, they know that their time with him is almost at an end.
God can take any of us in a second. We need to treasure each moment. SO hard to say in the middle of screaming, and yelling, and no coffee!! ;)

February Jill said...

I think for those of us who have little ones the same age as Darian, it's even harder to imagine staring that situation in the face. It makes me hurt all over to think about going through that time of knowing he's going to die. Those of us who don't have to face that need to be on our faces praying for their family. Starting with me, I'm going to pray for them right now.

God Made Playdough said...

I have been following their story too. They are an amazing testimony! Abby's faith is so encouraging. I cannot even imagine what they are going through. It is definetly a reminder to change my perspective!