Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have been terrible about uploading pictures I have taken. Until tonight. I had 180 on this card and I am sure I have that many on a few other cards but I am going to share some of my favorites from the last few months. I am sorry there seem to be so many but I had a hard time narrowing it down to these few. Ethan has three things he likes to sleep with. His blanket, a boy baby doll, and his tiger. I had to take a picture of my sweetness. I have many pictures of Ethan sleeping because he is a sound sleeper. I can do whatever I please while he sleeps and he will never wake. I have NO pictures of Alicia sleeping as I can just touch the door to her room and she wakes.

The preschool and kindergartners from the Christian School took a field trip to our towns fire department. They are a good group of kids. And yes there are two sets of twins in the picture.

I like to take a picture on Easter in front of the same spot every year. !
This year a daffodil had fallen off nearby so they were playing around with it. Looking at this picture I am faced with the fact that my children are getting older. WAAAA!!!!

Alicia's birthday fell at a rather bad time this year. We had a lot going on the weeks around it. So a few weeks later during spring break I had a few of her church girlfriends over for her first sleepover. We invited 3 but only 2 made it. It is fun to look at this picture. The three have very different looks but they sure do act alike. Like little 7 year old girls giggling and having a great time. Alicia really had more of a birthday month and I think she loved this!

Ethan does not like the dentist. Alicia loves the whole idea but Ethan not so much. This picture makes me laugh. He did not want to have any xrays taken. We ended up only get one side done and he started to cry and wouldn't do the other side. We will be going to a children's dentist next time.

At the Christian School every Wednesday they have chapel. Last Wednesday Alicia's class was in charge of it. They did some fun songs and a little play. It was cute. I think we will be sending Alicia to public school next year but I will miss these times where they learn more about God, and are encouraged to talk about Him in front of others.

I guess I will stop for now. But these photos give you a bit of an idea of what us Wilson's have been up to the last few months.


Duo Na said...

We had to take Anna to Pediatric Dentistry in Salem because she had a lot of anxiety with our regular dentist. Dr. Heringer was great with her and they have little chairs for little bodies. Let me know if you want their number. :o)

February Jill said...

Fun Dee! Keep the pictures coming!


KLB said...

Ethan looks just like his daddy!!

momaof4 said...

I love the pictures!!! You should do one a day...that way we would see them all :)

I think we go to the same dentist as your SIL...they are good, and they will knock them out if it's to much, and they wake up not remembering anything but the fun stuff they bring home!