Wednesday, April 8, 2009

small piece of good news

Last summer we drove down to the Redwoods. On the way back we stopped off at Cape Blanco on 101 Southern Oregon to go potty. It was way off the course and we were not sure where we were actually going but we ended up at this isolated beach/campground with cool little cabins to rent. We spent hours on that beach and only saw one other family. It was beautiful and isolated and we knew right then we wanted to go back the next summer. So I went to book us in February and I was too late, they were already booked! I was ticked at myself and Ben was a little upset that I had waited so long to book. I have checked in daily since then to see if there has been any openings. We really needed weekends to open up as Ben took so many vacation days off in January leaving few days he can take off the rest of the year. In reality I was hoping for anything, ANYTHING to open up. Today a weekend in August opened up! Seriously. This was such good news for me. So we get to go back down to that great beach and spend two nights in the little cabins. I cannot wait. This was something I needed today.

God is good to me. He is good all the time.


momaof4 said...

Whats the name of your camp ground? Darren's parents are always looking for new spots. Can you bring a tent trailer??

Hugs Friend. I know today was probebly hard. I love you.

momaof4 said...

Trust in the Lord with ALL YOUR HEART, and lean not on your OWN understanding.

KLB said...

WOw! That was lucky!
Your marriage is saved he he he