Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just a few more weeks.

Today we went to the beach. This was on the calendar for a few weeks from now but it turned into a beautiful day and we decided to go. We are getting antsy for Ben to be done working Saturdays and extra hours. REALLY ANTSY. It's hard on the kids and in turn is hard on me. Anyway, I digressed, we decided after first service we would head out. It was a great beach day. Not really warm but SUNNY and surprisingly not very crowded. We played a few hours and then headed to McMennamins for lunch. We felt revived and then Ben went to get his Starbucks Mocha for the ride home and came out with strawberry frappacinos for the kids! And they were free. I guess they were giving free samples and some old lady stole the last one from Ben so they made two big size ones for his kids! What a treat! They NEVER EVER get them so they were in heaven all the way home. I may have to buy these for long car rides. They seriously were QUIET for a very long time.

When we got home the kids made cookies with Ben. This is a treat for them. One they love to cook and two they love to be with their daddy.

It was a good day and I think we can make it a few more weeks before we see Ben more.


Duo Na said...

That's great that you guys got this little Daddy boost to hold you over for the next few weeks. Looking forward to being a pain in his neck in a few days! Opps, I mean I'm looking forward to having dinner and doing taxes in a few days. If only Roly Poly were still around.

God Made Playdough said...

Thanks alot, now I want a Strawberry Frap! :)