Monday, April 27, 2009

So this weekend I got away from the kids and life with my husband. We went to a marriage retreat that our church does every year. Most years we are not able to go as it falls in tax season but this year it fell later! It was in Bend at the Riverhouse. The last few years I guess they have been at really great resorts so some were let down with this hotel. The rooms were old but the conference center was gorgeous. Very nice.
Our speakers, Eddie and Esther Shigley, were good. I think there heart is more for parenting though. They have great insights into children and ways to help your kids expereince God NOW.
It was a fun time. I really enjoyed just getting away with Ben.

On another note, if you, or someone you know, is thinking of putting in an air conditioner or heat pump I have friend, who put in ours a few years back, who is looking for work. It is pretty slow this year and I thought I would give him a plug. He owns Focus Heating & Construction.

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Duo Na said...

Yes! He's great and has done a lot of work for us. I second the recommendation for Focus Heating & Construction. :o)