Monday, June 7, 2010

clean carpets

So my vans carpet got cleaned today and so did Ethan's room. I love clean carpets. They make me happy. Big smiles every time I walk by his room.
We are having Alicia and Ethan switch rooms the week Alicia goes to summer camp. We are going to paint Ethan's old room and then move her stuff over. So for now the room will only have a mattress for Ethan to sleep on. Then hopefully we can carpet clean the other room before Ethan's stuff moves in from the garage. Guess that means I can have big smiles again in July. :)


momaof4 said...

Love clean carpets too! Why are they moving rooms? And a clean car would be lovely dream come true!!!!

Duo Na said...

Glad you got them cleaned. It'll make for a nicer trip. :)