Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nebraska memory

So one of our family's highlights was one of those not planned moments. We were driving through Nebraska and Ben saw a turtle in the middle of the road. The van turned around to go see if we could remove it so it didn't become smooshed turtle. It was a big turtle and when I got out to take a look at it it smelled BAD. I thought it must have been hit already and was rotting. That wasn't the case.

Anyway, Ben decided to try and move it and quickly realized it was not a happy turtle. He was going to give up but we were all whining in the van about it getting hit. Ben then got his ax out and tried to scoot it along with that. It did not take Ben long to see that it had done his business all over himself. That was the horrid smell I smelled earlier. He must have been scared and, well, you know.
Saving the turtles life was soon given up as the turtle was not happy about being helped and Ben was tired of being snapped at.
Luckily this road does not have heavy traffic but it does have some. I am not sure how that old, grumpy turtle could have made it across, but we hope it did.


Duo Na said...

Why didn't Ben use a towel to put over it and pick it up by the shell? I bet it was funny to watch.

momaof4 said...

It's HUGE!!!