Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Western Road Trip

Just a little note before you start. I cannot get the pictures to look the way I want. Sorry.

We are home. 13 nights and 14 days is quite a road trip and it was a very good and memorable one.
We saw 6 states Oregon, Idaho,Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana.

We slept in 7 hotels (one with a waterpark IN IT!), 2 cabins, and one condo.

We felt EVERY weather imaginable, rain, wind, thunderstorms, lightening, snow falling on us in the Tetons, snow on the side of the road at the high elevations, hail, rain that felt like it was being thrown at us and was about the size of 10 drops combined, warm weather and 90+ degrees. This all in 2 weeks. It was fun. Really the weather was great and the bad weather went by so fast because the wind was so fast.

We saw a moose, antelope (thousands of antelope), bison, elk, deer, cranes, pelicans, swans, a bear, bald eagles, a fox and a coyote.

We saw the Tetons and Jackson Hole, Mt Rushmore, a Rodeo, Yellowstone, Old West towns, we gold mined, went to a Wild Mustang Sanctuary, hiked around Wind Caves in SD, and so much more.

The kids were AMAZING!!! We didn't even use all the goodies I put away to entertain them. But the last few days they were tired. We would go to bed and Alicia would ask us to put he to bed earlier the next night. But we were having so much fun.

We had one small hiccup in the trip. My parents and my sisters family met up with us in Cody, Wyoming. The second day there we went to the Cody Museum that is really incredible. Just about 20 minutes into the amazing gun museum my dad started to feel dizzy and clammy. He had been having some problems a few weeks before so we knew this was serious. We wheeled him to the van hoping he could go back to the cabin and rest but he asked to go to the Hospital. After many tests and many hours they decided to fly him to Billings, Montana where he received a stent. It was a very emotional time for my mom and us. We followed them up to Billings and then when dad was released we continued on with our trip. Dad was a trooper. I am so glad he was wise enough to go to the hospital. His heart problems were in an area that is referred to as the "widow maker." He is lucky that he was able to be seen so fast at the Cody Hospital because they got him on drugs right away and there was no heart damage done. We were all glad we were close to dad when this happened instead of an hour away or, as in my sisters case, a state away.

All in all a wonderful family trip. I know now what I would do again and what I would change. I have been thinking about our next vacation. It will be one where we do not travel from place to place but stay in one location. I want to unpack in a room and stay awhile. :) A road trip is so much fun but not very relaxing.

I am going to add a few more posts about the trip in the next few days. There is just too much to tell and so many pictures. Since this blog is partly for myself, as a sort of journal, you will all have to bear with me. :)


Duo Na said...

Great pictures Dee! I'm glad you guys are back safe and sound and that you had fun. Can't wait to hear more details about the rest of your trip!!

Love you!!

The Theisen Twosome said...

I am glad that your Dad is okay. I am sorry that I never responded to your text. We were so busy with moving and didn't stop for a minute. We are all moved in now. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and saw alot of cool things. Can't wait to see you guys in August.

God Made Playdough said...

So glad your Dad is okay! How scary!
What an amazing trip! Those are awesome memories you made! YOu are the best vacation planner!

momaof4 said...

What hotel had the water park in it? What fun! So glad God had his hand on your Dad. We were praying the whole time. Lots of hugs