Friday, June 4, 2010

Ethan turned 6!

Yesterday was Ethan's sixth birthday. I decided to have a friends birthday party during the day since next year he will be in all day school. We invited 12 kids and 11 showed up, one a little late.! It was a large party. But it went well. I had planned a Lego party and there were so many things I wanted to do that I either had to give up on either because I couldn't find what I needed or before I spent too much money. We started with pizza and fruit and I was very thankful that I now have a table that can fit so many kids. (Thank you Martha) I did buy 10 pounds of Lego pieces off of eBay and separated those out into bags for party favors. We also played a sort of game with them. Each kids dumped their bags out and then had to create something with the misc. pieces they had. Some kids are so good at using their imaginations.
I made a Lego cake, or a few Lego shapes, but I wasn't pleased with the way they turned out. Thank goodness Ethan is 6 because he thought they looked great.

I wasn't sure how the other kids felt about the party. But I know Ethan had a great time. It was quite a day for him as earlier I had gone into the classroom and we did orange floats and then when Ben got home from work we took Ethan to McDonald's. NOT OUR CHOICE. We told Ethan he could choose and he said somewhere with a playground. :) He did first choose Chuck-E-Cheese and then when we said "no" he asked for a restaurant in Disney World. :)
It was a good day and I now have a big boy.

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