Monday, June 28, 2010

Cody Stampede

One of our stops on the trip was Cody, Wyoming. We met my parents and my sisters beautiful family there. We decided to do the Cody nightly Rodeo that night to ensure we got it done. The weather had been so iffy. (I was glad we did because the next day is when we moved our little party to Billings, MT for my dads heart problems.) It was fun to see the kids watching the bulls and cowboys and Ethan loved the clowns.

They invited to kids down to grab red tags off the calves behinds. Elijah (my nephew)and Alicia went down. They announced what they were doing with all the kids on the field so none of them really heard what was going on. I lost track of Elijah, the one in red next to Alicia in the picture, as I followed my daughter running all over that arena. She was fast. She was chasing the wrong calf but she was fast. :) She was wearing bright green and orange so I am sure she caught some peoples attention and she probably provided a good laugh as she was after a calf that had already lost his red tag. She really had no idea why she was out there. She was even chasing that calf after the said they could stop. It was so fun to watch. In the midst of all this she lost her cowgirl hat. A Rodeo clown found it and returned it to her. Great photo op.


momaof4 said...

I saw some picutes on your sis facebook so I had to get over here and catch up! What fun. I can't wait to hear more about it all. I love all the picutes too!!

Duo Na said...

How fun for Alicia. I LOVE that she's wearing that dress!! :)

KLB said...

What great memories! It looks like the kids were really into it!