Friday, June 11, 2010

kindergarteners no more

I love kindergarten graduation. Alicia's was so fun and memorable. But this year they did not have a graduation for Ethan's class, so a few of us moms borrowed some caps and gowns and took some pictures. The first batch of pictures were of Ethan and his best friend Orin. His mom and I could totally imagine taking these same pictures in 12 years and the boys will probably be acting the same and still complain about the pictures.

Then Tuesday night, during Ethan's family birthday party, the three kindergarten cousins took their "graduation" pictures. It is so sweet to think of them going through the next 12 years together.

It seems impossible to believe my "baby" will be in all day school next year. 1st grade sounds like such a big kid.


Duo Na said...

Yay for our little 1st graders!!

momaof4 said...

I love that one where they are kissing CUTE! You will have to do that in 12 years!!!