Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Day for my Little Boy

My husband is not a hunter but he comes from a hunting family. Every year the men go off to hunting camp, otherwise known as eating safari, and invite my hubby. This year he decided he would go along and take our 4 year old son. My boy has been so excited to be able to go! benadn him plan on taking hikes, playing in dirt, reading and having a great time while the guys hunt and then eating with the men when they return. I love that he is going to have some alone time with just daddy! Also his Papa has had a major arm surgery and is not allowed to pull a bow this year so he gets some good time with his papa as well!
So this morning at 3:15 am we got our baby up and into the van! This is the picture I got of him! I just love it. He looks so happy
Ben called at breakfast and said Ethan did not sleep at all on the first 4 hours over. They were hoping leaving so early would help Ethan sleep. Then when they stopped for breakfast he asked if they could "get it in bags" so they could stay on the road and get there faster!! He is on a high! I wish my husband had a camera this weekend but I kept it for the girl weekend I am planning with my DD6!

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momaof4 said...

Okay so glad to hear Ben hasn't turned into a hunter...Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just he so doesn't fit the bill.
Hope they have fun, maybe one of the guys has a camera for their big catch!
Have a great girls weekend!!!!