Thursday, August 7, 2008

Embarassing Fact about Me

I love So You Think You Can Dance! I don't care for American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars so I am not sure why I love SYTYCD. I started watching two years ago and now I look forward to it every summer. I watch the dancers and wish I could just dance a tiny bit as good as they can. I am amazed that within a week they learn 2-3 dances that they may have never learned before, fox trot,jazz,etc., and then dance them beautifully. Also last night Josh danced 5 dances after being in the hospital for 3 days for dehydration! Can you imagine learning these dances in 4 days! These kids are incredible! Anyways, this year I really liked Joshua. From day one he has been my top pick. I have watched as America actually got every week right and the right people went home and the best dancers stayed behind. Last night was the final competition. Tonight we will find out who America chose! I am so afraid it will not be Joshua. Last night I belive Twitch showed he may be the best! But also he is 25 whereas Josh is 19. So Twitch just has a presence about him that comes along with maturity. I do like Twitch, he is likeable but O, what about my Joshua!!! There are 4 dancers, 2 couples, left. I do not believe that the girls have a chance against these guys. Though I do believe Katee could possibly make it, I know that as much as we all love Courtney she just won't win.

This video is one of Joshua. He is dancing with Katee to a bollywood routine. You don't have to watch the whole thing but watch the dancing! You will be amazed by him!

I do have to say that last year my all time favorite dance routine was by Hok Konishi. This is a rough video of my favorite all time routine. He is a hummingbird she is a flower. It isn't as hard as some but if you watched all season you saw how this really fit their personalities and was so beautiful to watch. He moves just like a bird!

After watching some videos I am more in love with this show!!!! The finale is tonight so if you have missed the season you can start watching tonight!


Amy said...

You might not be able to dance, but I bet "Z" can! :)
I watched the video, they did great! I love Bollywood! I want to learn to dance like that. I love the movie, Bride and Predjudice, it's a Bollywood take on Pride and Predjudice. Lots of bright colors, music and dancing. I love it!

Duo Na said...

I'm also a huge fan of Joshua. I'm so glad he won tonight. I wanted either him or Katee to win, but mostly him. He's such a likable guy. Don't be embarassed about liking this show....Levi likes it too which means it MUST be good ;o)