Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Girls Day

Today the Wilson's had a girls day. This was the first time Alicia had gone on a "girl's day." She reminded me that I have gone on lots of these special days but this would be her first. Martha, two of my sister in-laws, Rachel and Donna, Donna's daughter Anna and my daughter all went to Lincoln City. We left Ethan with his boy cousins here at my house with a brave babysitter.

When we got to town we grabbed Ben's grandma who is staying at the beach and headed to the outlets. If you had 7 people you could get coupons and a $5.00 Gift card from Tangers Outlets. So we added two more wonderful ladies from church who just met us for the bucks and then sepereated from us. It was a fun day. We shopped, then had an icecream, shopped some more, ate lunch, then had our girls convince us this was a beach trip and we should actually go down to the beach. We weren't there very long as it was nasty weather but also because not 10 minutes of being there my sweet niece, Anna, got swallowed up by the waves. She was pretty wet. We adults tried not to laugh too much but it was so funny to see all of us running AWAY from the waves and one little one run sideways IN the waves ~and finally just eat sand. As we went up the stairs back to the SUV she made sure we knew she does not like the beach. Later she let us know her dad is strong and protects her when she was in the ocean with him.

A Reminder: Please read the post below to enter the book reading contest I am running until Friday. After reading your comments I am now planning on doing one book review every week. There are so many incredible books out there. I want us to find the good ones and stay away from books that would be a waste of time and money. So stay tuned for that!

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momaof4 said...

Oh what fun!! We used to do a Bayha Girls weekend, with all the aunts and girl cousins...then well, life and yuck happens and now we don't. But my sis and I would like to start again.

What a fun day, yucky weather and wetness and all!!!