Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lost Blankie

We could not find Ethan's blanket today! He has had that blanket since he was old enough to have one and he NEEDS it for bed. So I cleaned house looking for it. Finally we sent him off to bed without it. He seemed fine without it but it BUGGED me. I lay in bed thinking of places it could be. Finally after Ben was snoring away I snuck out of bed and looked everywhere. I am sure the neighbors thought about calling the police as I snuck into our backyard with a flashlight and opened both cars up. Anyhoo I could not find it. I gave up, sort of, and decided I wasn't tired enough to go back to bed. So I ordered some clothes for the kids online and then started to think more about where it could have walked off to. The only place I could think of was our closet. Ethan likes to crawl under our hanging clothes and hide. But Ben was sleeping so I would have to wait until morning. Unfortunately Ethan has not slept well. He has been making sounds and just a bit ago he came out and said he "needs his blankie." He "cannot sleep" with out his blankie! So I snuck in and found that naughty blankie right in our closet where I thought it may be. Ben never even broke stride in his vibration of respiratory structures. When I handed it to my baby boy he curled up in bed and went uuuuhhhh! Best sound in the world to mommys ears.

This is not a picture from tonight. I decided that even though I would love to show you how he is hugging his dear blankie he may not appreciate being woke up by his momma at midnight. This is a picture I took about 4-5 months ago. But you can see that blankie.


KLB said...

I am so glad you found it! How horrible to have lost his favorite thing. Sounds like he took it like a trooper though. I can't wait to see what or if Abby has a favorite something. She has a few dolls that are really soft that she likes to sleep with. Maybe one of those will become her one and only. Don't forget to visit my blog and share a favorite memory if you want to. Love you!

momaof4 said...

That has happened at our house...not fun!!!
Those blankets can run and hide, though I do wonder if they miss their owners and are shouting out for us to find them....

Renae is one #3 of the SAME blanket, and Isiah on #2 of the same blanket...if they like it buy it in bulk :)