Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A little Disney update

So today I pre-ordered a Disney Photopass. When you are in Disney there are people with cameras all over all the parks. They will take pictures for you and copy them on little plastic cards then hand you the card. When you get back you can order the whole disk with all the pictures or you can order just a few to be done as prints. Last time we went I did not take too many and did not want to pay $125.00 for the CD! Seems a little high. So I started a photopass share over at the DISboards and the cost of the preordered CD, $99.95, will be cut into 6ths now. So we will pay about $20.00, this includes copying onto a disk and shipping to them, and I will just copy the disk when it gets to me and send it on to the 5 others in the group.
I am glad to get another thing marked off my list. And excited that this trip I will take more pictures where I will be in them! When it is paid in advance I will feel like I must get my pictures taken to get my moneys worth!

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