Monday, August 25, 2008

Need Your HELP!

Okay ladies, and gents,
I am going to be blessed with a weekend with just my daughter. Ben is taking Ethan away for hunting camp, also known as eating safari, and I will have just Alicia. Alicia is my hard child and I really want to make this weekend a blast for us 2. We will go see either Kit Kittridge, if it is still at Northern Lights, or Fly Me to the Moon. I plan on doing a "spa day" but am not sure what that will entail. We will paint our nails but may need more creative ideas for this. What I really need is some really original ideas from you all. I would like ideas that are cheap, even FREE and I have her for 3-4 days so lots of ideas please!
I will admit this is going to be a hard weekend for me. Alicia can get under my skin in about 5 minutes! To have a whole weekend without buffers is going to be interesting. I love, love my girl so I really want to make this weekend special for us.
So bring on the ideas guys!!!


February Jill said...

Hmmm... have you done any back to school shopping with her yet? Elsa loves shopping for school supplies.

Maybe a cooking project? A trip to the library?

I'll leave you more ideas if I can think of any!


red-headed Wilson's said...

I think we found a recipe we will do together. Looks yummy.

We went school shopping already. So glad o be done wth that!

momaof4 said...

Send her to a special day with Grandma, and you go to the spa :)

The park is always a good time, but instead of reading play with her. Go on the slides and play with her...

Anonymous said...

hum i just spent a special day with elijah we played sorry at the park we went to a restruant and split a nice hamburger and rootbeer float, we talked. we watched an imax movie and we went to get him a new backpack for school also a haircut. your spa day you could trim her hair, you could make salt or sugar scrubs i have lots of recipes. you could rent enchanted will you do spa day. hummmm. what else.i know there are more things. i will call we can chat

Duo Na said...

One thing I do every year when Levi takes off is wash all the bedding so that on the first night while he's gone I have the special treat of clean sheets all to myself. Anna noticed all the beds were made and had clean sheets and she thought it was such a special treat. Okay, now that I read what I wrote it looks like I don't clean our sheets very often. Hmmm...ok I DO wash our bedding however its also a special treat for when he leaves. Nope...I still sound like a slob.

As for girl time ideas, you could take her to a special restaurant. Maybe order her a shirly temple or some other grown up drink. Get dressed up nice to go there. I can't wait till the boys are old enough to go with Levi so I can have girl days with Anna.